Sky Walker Captial, established in 2012, is headquartered in Hong Kong. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong One Heritage Holdings Group. The management team has 16 years of experience in private wealth management, with operations in Greater China. It is a well-known professional wealth management consulting agency in the industry.
Sky Walker Capital's business development is based in Hong Kong. It has a comprehensive layout of the Chinese financial market. It has established branches in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Wuhan. It is also about to establish new branches in Beijing, Quanzhou, and Foshan. Focusing on serving China's high-net-worth Investors, Sky Walker achieve sustainable and diversified comprehensive financial consulting services.
The company is built on a long-term development strategy and strong business resources.It cooperate with many of the world's top banks, fund companies, insurance companies, trust institutions, and investment immigration agencies to gather financial elites in different fields. Through the in-depth understanding to customer needs and future planning, Sky Walker make flexible, high-quality and sustainable wealth management consulting solutions for customers to ensure customers' private wealth appreciation.
About One Heritage
Mission of SW
Making a flexible, stable and sustainable wealth management solutions for customers
Concept of SW
Brand Concept: a wealth management expert worthy of trust
Business Philosophy: Compliance, Professionalism, Integrity
Management Philosophy: Standard, Rigorous, Scientific
Service Concept: Integrity-based, Creating value
Vision of SW
Be the most influential wealth management institution around you
Social Responsibility
Building an integrity system
Wealth increases rapidly
People-oriented innovation
To achieve sustained and stable development
Advantage of SW
Brand Collaboration
Sky Walker has established a comprehensive service network in different regions in China, which has further consolidated the service advantages and market influence of the Sky Walker brand.
Customer Management System
Sky Walker has a complete online customer management system. Through the central system, it can better deploy enterprise development strategies, optimize service processes and follow-up quality. Branch teams across the country can achieve integrated intelligent management to make services more efficient and accurate.
Product Advantages
Sky Walker cover various types of investment consulting services including funds, bonds, stocks, trusts, property, equity, etc. The diversified consulting services are mainly based on high-yield, capital-guaranteed products.The consulting services are scientifically customized according to customer needs.
Global Vision
Sky Walker focuses on consulting services for overseas financial products, which is conducive to capturing global investment hotspots. Focusing on mature financial markets, Sky Walker has unique advantages in avoiding risks and appreciating values.
Professional Support Team
Sky Walker has more than 100 financial professionals experts in investment and wealth management business with experiences over 15 years. The head company is equipped with a professional investment research team to provide customers with the latest professional investment research information. Having a strong service support team for nearly 15 years Wealth management experience can provide you an one-stop financial investment consulting support.
Global Investment Consulting
Sky Walker can provide global investment strategy consulting services, carefully select investment projects with in fields of foreign exchange trading platforms, securities markets, global funds, overseas property and parking space. Sky Walker can provide customers with high-quality, professional and stable financial investment services.
Insurance Service Consulting
Insurance is not only an important way of preventing life risks, but also a responsibility to family members. Sudden changes may cause you and your family to be so unprepared. If you can plan ahead, even if an unfortunate change occurs, your family's future life will be fully and well protected.
Overseas Immigration Consulting
Immigration countries include Hong Kong, the United States, Australia, Canada, Portugal and Cyprus, Antigua and Barbuda, Malta, Saint Kitts and other countries. We have a strong team of professional immigration consultants and lawyers and practical experiences in overseas immigration. The whole process is one-on-one served to provide you professional customized immigration consulting services.
Private Investment Consulting
By investing in non-listed comanpies, private equity investment funds can actively participate in the operation of investment targets as a strategic investors. It can obtains you a large income through ways like listing, mergering, acquisitions or management buybacks and selling shares, etc. We provide professional private equity investment consulting services
Family Trust Consulting
The family trust consulting service aims at the management, inheritance and protection of family wealth, makes early arrangements for the inheritance of property and inheritance for the next generation, at the same time simplifies the inheritance procedures, inherites wealth to the next generation effectively .
Investment Business Consulting
We can conduct a comprehensive analysis for companies intending to list in Hong Kong, provide pre-listing counseling including business operation consulting, accounting and financial status audit, also recommendations that are feasible and effective corporate structure.