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Group Introduction
One Heritage Holding Group Limited is a well-known comprehensive financial service and real estate development enterprise in Greater China. Headquartered in Hong Kong, it has a number of business subsidiaries and domestic branches (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhongshan , Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Fuzhou, Nanchang, Dalian, Quanzhou). One Heritage aims to achieve sustainable development through comprehensive financial services and overseas real estate development, break through the traditional investment concept, and create a win-win investment model of "enterprise + customer". Based on the sound development of financial business, One Heritage has been committed to comprehensive asset management services for many years, and has been cooperating with many top global funds, trusts, insurance, banks and financial service institutions to develop high-quality, sound and sustainable asset management strategies for our clients. In order to seek diversified investment opportunities and meet the needs of business expansion, the Group's One Heritage Trust holds a Hong Kong trust license, One Heritage Capital has obtained financial licenses No. 4 and 9 issued by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, while One Heritage Wealth has obtained an insurance brokerage company license issued by the Hong Kong Insurance Authority, and the Group has become a private equity fund manager in China will continue to deepen its financial business development and build a diversified and robust asset management ecology for investors. While the Group's financial business is booming, it has also established One Heritage Property Development to develop its real estate business in the UK. The Group's property development concept of "one-stop property investment" combines the roles of contractor, developer and property management to develop high-end residential and commercial projects, providing investors with one-stop onstruction and property services. After more than a decade of development, One Heritage has successfully developed more than 20 property projects and become the most influential property development company in the Midwest of the U.K. The official listing of One Heritage Group PLC on the London Stock Exchange (stock code: OHG) on December 23, 2020 represents that One Heritage's business philosophy has been recognized by global capital. The listing of One Heritage Group PLC on the London Stock Exchange (stock code: OHG) represents the recognition of One Heritage's business philosophy by global capital and the leapfrog development of its real estate investment business. In order to accelerate the development of the group's property and financial business, One Heritage actively explores innovative technologies and creates innovative technology products such as professional financial investment platform mobile application, property smart home system, property AR/VR demonstration scene, and SME business management system. One Heritage hopes to create a more efficient and convenient investment platform and a smart and comfortable living environment through the combination of innovative technology research and development, finance and property. One Heritage Holding Group has achieved a global high-end layout. Based in Hong Kong, focusing on China, and looking at the world, looking for diversified investment opportunities, focusing on providing global Chinese investors with more professional and stable investment strategies to help customers realize the true value of wealth.
About One Heritage
One Heritage Vision
In the face of great adversity, innovation is the only way to prosperity. At One Heritage, we believe in innovation, trust, and shared prosperity.
One Heritage Mission
Establish a professional investment platform with global property development and integrated wealth management as the main business, to help global Chinese investors realize wealth appreciation and family inheritance
One Heritage values
Customer Oriented - Committed to achieving customers' success Innovation Oriented - Focus on innovation that enhances the value of customer investment Integrity and Responsibility - Strong intregrity to safeguard the interests of customers and society
Message from the Group Chairman
The management team of One Heritage Holding Group is young and full of energy. We firmly believe that innovation and mutual trust are the keys to making good use of resources and sharing prosperity. After more than ten years of development, we are committed to introducing a different form to the investment market, breaking through the boundaries of traditional investment, focusing on integrated financial services, global real estate development and innovative technology research and development, and exerting synergies to lead investors in the blue ocean. China accurately captures opportunities for wealth creation and creates a win-win economic model of "enterprise + customer".
One Heritage adheres to the consistent spirit of innovation and uses the rapid development of technology to realize the digital transformation of the group's business, bringing breakthrough opportunities for the development of integrated wealth management and global real estate development, so that investors with different needs and backgrounds can compare and contrast. Participate in the investment field with low capital threshold and share prosperity with One Heritage.
We would like to sincerely bring you the highest quality and diversified financial investment and real estate development opportunities, so that you and your family can realize the steady appreciation and inheritance of wealth.
李颂华 先生
Mr. Billy Lee
Chairman Of One Heritage Holding Group Limited
More than 19 years of experience in financial investment and wealth management industry
Successfully led two Hong Kong wealth companies to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Served as director of three listed financial companies in Hong Kong
Chartered Wealth Manager
张耀德 先生
Mr. Peter Cheung
CIO Of One Heritage Group PLC
CEO Of One Heritage Property Development Limited
Over 16 years of overseas real estate development experience
Served as director of two Hong Kong listed companies
Successfully obtained the permission of the top ten residential development rules in the UK
The first Hong Kong real estate development company successfully listed on the London Stock Exchange
Group development map
Group Development Milestones


Founding One Heritage Team

Officially launched wealth management services and property investment business for high net worth individuals


Established Cheshire Property Company

Comprehensively deploy overseas property development business and formally establish a property development company in the UK


Established Tianxing Capital (Hong Kong)

The scale of the company has grown, Hong Kong Tianxing Capital was established, and a professional wealth management team of 400 people has been formed, which has greatly increased its industry reputation


Established Tianxing Capital (Guangzhou)

Provide comprehensive financial services such as professional consulting services for domestic wealthy people and overseas high-end asset allocation consulting services


Established One Heritage Technology (Shenzhen)

Exploring innovative technology industries, researching financial management platforms, enterprise management, AR/VR and artificial intelligence solutions


One Heritage Holding Group was formally integrated and established

Established an international investment group integrating comprehensive financial services, global property development, and innovative technology research and development; its subsidiaries include One Heritage Property Development, One Heritage Trust, One Heritage Technology, Tianxing Capital, etc.


Housewarming One Heritage Global Headquarters

One Heritage Holding Group's global headquarters moved to Victoria Harbour Convention and Exhibition Plaza-entered the core business district of Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong


Guangzhou branch expansion

One Heritage Holdings Group has deepened its layout in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, greatly expanded the scale of its Guangzhou branch, and laid the foundation for the rapid development of financial business in the Mainland


Extablishing One Heritage Investment Business School/ONE HERITAGE P-INVESTMENT

One Heritage Investment Business School was grandly established in Hong Kong, bringing together Hong Kong financial elites to promote the professional upgrade of the industry.


Obtained No. 4 and 9 licenses again

One Heritage Holding Group Subsidiary One Heritage Capital Management adds No. 4 and 9 licenses issued by the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission

Group development plan

Obtains the trust license of Hong Kong, SFC license Type 4 & 9, Insurance brokerage license

One Heritage property development UK limited gets listed on the main board of the London Stock Exchange

NationalcoverageNational coverage of the One Heritage service network

Obtains the trust license of Singapore

Obtains the Capital Markets Services License(CMS) of Singapore AMS

Establishes the One Heritage Public Fund in Hong Kong

Top 5% in the world for comprehensive family office solution provider

Top 1% absolute return multi manager fund house in the world

One Heritage Holding Group Limited
One Heritage Capital Management Co., Ltd.
One Heritage Wealth Management Limited
One Heritage Trust Limited
Heritage Corporate Management Services Limited
Guangdong Bond Asset Management Limited
One Heritage Investment Consulting (GuangZhou) Limited
Red Brick Property Limited
One Heritage Property Development Limited
One Heritage Group PLC
One Heritage Property Services Limited
One Heritage Technology Limited