One-stop property investment solution
Negotiate with local government and cooperate with city planning
Inject a unique element to your project and make it stand out
Co-plan an entire project with architects, designers, and contractors
Set up financing plan and control cost budget
Design of independent projects
Positioning the project and formulating sales strategies
Cooperation with distribution channels in UK, Middle East, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore
Provide customers with one-stop purchase process service
Provide project progress and related information to prospective owners regularly
site selection
Discover high-quality projects around the world
Analyze local property price trends
Understand the surrounding facilities and rental needs
Familiar with local property market policies
Establish a construction cycle timetable
Strictly select raw material manufacturers
Ensure that the raw material transportation and assembly process are correct
Follow up the progress of the project every week to deal with various emergencies
Provide quality rental planning services
24-hour property steward, all-round maintenance of property and environmental management
Intelligent community, improve safety and living experience
Assist owners to sell second-hand properties
Past performance of property projects
1United FootwearManchester
2Mere ApartmentsCheshire
3Private DwellingLancashire
4St James SquareManchester
6Private DwellingYorkshire
7NQ ResidenceManchester
8Private ResidenceCheshire
11Wholesale CentreManchester
12The Umbrella FactoryManchester
13Cheshire BarnsNantwich
14One Heritage TowerManchester
15Lincoln HouseBolton
16Oscar HouseManchester
17Liberty HouseSheffield
18Plus HouseStockport
20North Church HouseSheffield
21One VitoriaManchester
2019 Successful development project
ONE HERITAGE TOWER is located in the heart of Manchester, England, and is a high-end urban complex project of Greengate. One Heritage plans to build two commercial and residential complex buildings, integrating office, residential, smart home, leisure and entertainment, with great design aesthetics, and will become a new landmark of Manchester when completed.
The heart of Manchester, UK
Noble smart city complex
International top design aesthetics
Standing as a new landmark in the city
2020 Key Developments - UK HMO Multi-Tenant Properties
Complete refurbishment attracts more tenants
Choose a property in a location with strong rental demand
Whole-process carefree home purchase service
One Heritage provides property management and rental and sales services
One-stop development of British HMO properties by One Heritage Real Estate, 24-hour physical management and service Help you easily invest in British HMO properties, enjoy high rental returns and property appreciation potential in the UK
Transformation of the former
After refurbishment
2020 Key Development Project - Lincoln House, Bolton, UK
Located in downtown Bolton
Up to 1 million living quarters in 45 minutes
Less than a mile from nearby universities, train stations, and shopping centers
  • Bolton Lincoln House is only 10 miles from Manchester and a 23-minute drive to the city centre CBD
  • Bolton Land is located in Greater Manchester and is the heart of the British government's northern economic engine
  • Benefiting from the development of local infrastructure, the Bolton property market has broad prospects
  • With housing education, low risk and high rental return, the investment value of Bolton Lincoln House is outstanding
  • Total price from just £98,000
    Unlimited purchase, loan available, down payment starting from 200,000 to buy high-end smart apartments in the UK, 6%-7% rental return
    88 smart minimalist apartment
    Star service and high quality life
    Enjoy a stylish residence and substantial rental income
    Key Development Projects in 2021—LIBERTY HOUSE Sheffield Condilla Court
    Historic Grade II building protected by the state
    Prime location Ultra low vacancy rate
    housing education
    Sheffield Condilla Court
    Total price
  • Only 1-2 km from the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University
  • The project is located in the center of Sheffield, a 10-minute walk to the commercial center
  • Sheffield's population is young, white-collar workers are concentrated, and demand for rental and sales is strong
  • The positive impact of the revitalization plan in the north of the UK, there is a large room for future appreciation
  • 5% rental return, property value rises year by year
    2021 Key Development Project — OSCAR HOUSE Manchester Oscar House
    manchester oscar house
    Total price
  • Manchester's prime location, enjoy the city's exquisite life
  • The transportation network runs through the city center and surrounding cities
  • Manchester house prices are expected to grow by 28.2% in the next five years, and rents will rise by 20.5% year-on-year
  • Only 1-2 kilometers away from the three major universities in Manchester
  • 6% rental return on rising central apartments
    British One Heritage Group Co., Ltd. was officially listed on the London Stock Exchange
    On December 23, 2020, One Heritage Group PLC, a subsidiary of One Heritage Group, was officially listed on the main board of the London Stock Exchange with the stock code "OHG".
    The official listing on the London Stock Exchange represents that One Heritage Real Estate's development strength has been recognized by global capital, The real estate business will usher in rapid growth, and at the same time, it will greatly stabilize the foundation of One Heritage Holdings Group's diversified development.
    British One Heritage Group Co., Ltd., one-stop service to ensure that you can easily invest in British real estate
    One Heritage Group PLC is a comprehensive real estate development enterprise under the One Heritage Group that integrates contractors, developers and property management.
    One Heritage has actively launched the innovative real estate investment concept of "one-stop real estate investment" through the advantages of sharing resources, expanding cooperation network and innovative technology.
    One Heritage achieves the goal of long-term investment and capital appreciation through property appreciation and property rental and sales management income, provides residents with a high-quality living experience, and brings rich returns to investors!
    OH Construction
    Planning and design
    house building
    Supporting project
    Green Project
    OH Proterty Services (Property Team)
    Cleaning and maintenance
    agent rental
    Repair and maintenance
    commercial service
    Our Team
    Jason Upton
    Director of One Heritage Property Development Company
    10 years of property operation and management experience
    United Kingdom business coordination, including Manchester office management and "One Heritage Property Development" business throughout the United Kingdom
    Management experts on the boards of 20 UK companies
    Currently managing projects exceeding 200 million pounds
    Peter Child
    General Manager of One Heritage Property Development Company
    30 years of property management experience
    Managed more than 1,200 employees and a turnover of 120 million pounds
    Now manages more than 40 employees and contractors for One Heritage Property Development Company
    Manage group leasing, design, maintenance and cleaning business
    Strong demand in the UK property market
    Population continues to grow
    The UK population has been growing steadily for decades and is expected to reach 71.35 million in 2030
    The influx of high-quality immigrants from overseas continues to show an upward trend year by year. The net immigrants are expected to reach 750,000 in 2039
    The long-term supply of British property is in short supply
    Strong demand for property in the UK has long been in short supply
    At present, the cumulative housing demand has exceeded 4 million sets, but the supply of new houses is less than 500,000 sets
    Policy advantages of the UK property market
    Safe Investment
    Political and economic system stability
    Policy can be expected Low investment risk
    Sound laws and regulations Fully protect private property rights
    Market mechanism Mature and transparent