One Heritage Holding Group Obtained HongKong No. 4 and 9 Financial Licenses 祝賀!太一控股集團獲香港4、9號金融牌照

太一控股集團2020-12-23 17:46:50

One Heritage Holdings Group is a well-known integrated financial and real estate development enterprise in Greater China. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the group focuses on seeking diversified investment opportunities to accelerate global deployment and meet the needs of business expansion. On March 5, 2020, One Heritage Capital Management Co., Ltd. was awarded the financial license No. 4 and No.9 by the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission.


With the support of the financial license, One Heritage Holding Group can successfully participate in international market investment to expand global investment further, as well as enrich investors' product choices, and provide better services for investors and high-net-worth clients with global asset allocation and family wealth management .


The No. 4 license is the securities investment consulting service license, which can provide opinions on securities, offer valuable investment advice to customers, and issue research reports on securities.


The No. 9 license is an asset management license. With this license, you will get a "pass" in the international capital market, which you can issue funds, directly participate in overseas investment, and manage the funds of domestic and foreign investors.